What is the cable for?

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Meant to ask this question and never got around to it. On my Rok GP there is a cable that connects via what looks like a clear “heat shrink” I circled it in the images. Reason I was asking is because I couldn’t get it to start up and a fellow Karter disconnected it and it started right up, it also turned out I wasn’t charging the battery enough, I’ve misunderstood my charger the whole time lol.

Thank you

That looks like the ground cable for a kill switch. When it gets grounded the coil will stop sparking.

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Thank you thats what I thought as well

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The distinction between the standard KZ & KZ-ES ignition is somewhat of a curiosity to me, especially as I’m trying to add a ground/kill switch to the coil (KZ-ES), & the only free wire is off the CDI box; coil doesn’t have it. Looks like this PVL coil, except it’s a Selettra unit:

Assuming that blue wire sends the energizing current to the coil, I’m tentatively planning to add a 3-way splice at the plug that joins it to the CDI, spliced with a wire to a temp close switch to ground.