What is the new MXQ wheel?

OTK has a new wheel. The MXQ. I don’t know a lot about it. I think I know the reason for the different wheels, but I’m using this new wheel as an excuse to make a post and see if my assumption are correct. And also too see what people know about where the MXQ fits in?

MXJ = stock OTK wheel. Made from cast magnesium. Heats up faster and maintains a higher heat. Used for cold track and low grip applications.

MXC = same profile as MXJ but made from forged magnesium alloy. Forging allows for heat treated alloys that have better thermal and dampening qualities, and limits porosity. All of this results in better heat dissipation and better lifting on a gripped up track.

MXL = same forging as the MXC but with a low volume profile. The low volume allows for less air pressure and provides a bigger yet thinner surface area for cooling. This allows for better temperature regulation. The lower pressure allows more sidewall fold & side bite. The longer large internal radius also has a greater bending moment (is stiffer). The wheel is used for hot (long?) races and tuning around grip.

MXQ = MXL’s low profile shape yet the lip from the MXC? It uses the same forging as the MXC & MXL. I’m not sure what the advantage of this design is. Hearing that people that tested it like it. I also heard there were issues with the MXL exploding under pressure (is this just a replacement?). Thoughts?

No insight to share but also curious to learn more.


I learned a bit. The MXQs are “between the Cs and Ls”. The chatter was the Qs are what they were going for going for originally; a low volume MXC. At our track they were good for 2tenths on the low 39sec lap time on a hot day.

I got an answer a couple of week ago and forgot to update. Pretty much sums up with what’s above (sans the LapTime claim)

The MXQ is meant to be a halfway point between MXC and MXL.

It’s the shape of the MXL with the back section/taper of the MXC.

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I’ve never used MXC’s even though they tend to be everyone’s go-to wheel. I’ve got standard MXJ’s for colder days and MXL’s for hot days. I tried to buy MXC but they were on terminal backorder at the time. I will say it was 91 degrees at New Castle last weekend and the MXL’s worked like a charm. I clearly had more rear tire at the end of the race than the leader who was on MXJ’s. Sadly I missed on the gearing and couldn’t get the pass done.

…but now I’m wondering if adding a set of wheels in the middle is worth considering.

I guess I’m a little skeptical having the MXQ is necessary as a half-way point between the two…of course having more tuning options is always good, but often mixing rims front to back can be a way to achieve the same result.

Interested to see the rim in action tho!