What is this called?

Looks like a modified kart chassis. Looks like an LO or two pushing it along.

Anyone race these?

Some variety of champ kart or cage kart it appears.


From the one side wing, I am guessing these are oval exclusively. I’d like to try this,

The caging necessary? I wonder if these are flippier than our sprint karts.

Maybe the caging is so that they can use HANS and a harness.

I don’t know if oval karts are more prone to flipping or not than sprint karts, but I have seen a couple go up and over from cornering force. The weight tends to be down low though.

Not sure the need for a HANS device in a kart. Adding a giant cage just to run a HANS seems like a silly solution to a non-problem.

The first pic might also be a quarter midget/sprint. They have suspension. Hard to tell from the pic.