What is this kart?

New to the karting world, had my chance to purchase this kart cheap with the idea of either restoring or modifying it…have noticed its a little different to most karts ive seen…it has two motors …two gx200 honda motors to be exact…i cant locate anything on the frame though…does anybody have an idea how i can get info about the kart or would have info on a kart like this ? At the moment it dosnt run and im not sure if there are parts missing from the actual kart…any help muchly appreciated

I know that in the UK there was a period where these dual engine 4-strokes were around. Are you in UK? I like the pin striping type design. Would be a neat restoration.

Could be fun with dual 100cc engines :smiling_imp:

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Im in Australia someone said it could be an endurance kart

Could be. Looks like a privately owned kart, as opposed to some sort of concession kart.

A thought:

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As Dom suggests the kart is fairly typical of a Honda Prokart as raced in enormous numbers in UK in the nineties. The engines used at the time were twin Honda GX 160s with very limited modification.
The class still has a strong niche following in UK and seems to be having something of a revival with new chassis from several manufacturers. The engine of choice is now the sealed Honda GX 200 .
The kart pictured has an Australian sticker on it and GGR on the nassau panel who come up as a kart manufacturer from Webster NY ??
Edit. Sorry James missed your location post above. You might find UK Prokart group- Facebook of interest. The kart looks complete to me and subject to a good. clean and checkover ready to go. I could list a dozen manufacturers that didn’t make your chassis but not one that did. No problem most parts are generic.

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Awesome mate thanks for the info, feel like its worrth restoring then, also do karts not have a cover under the seat ? God dam wouldnt want to hit a bump too hard

Cheers mate just joined

Fully believe the GGR sticker here is pure coincidence and in no way tied to the kart chassis.