What is this part called?

Hello all,

I am looking for what this part is called and if anyone knows where I can find one?

Looking for #4

It’s on a Rotax Non-Evo DD2. It’s part of the drive coupling.

Thank you!

Should be what is called a thrust washer.

Thrust washer is the item that’s circled. He wants item no 4.

Whoops. Saw the circled thing and didn’t even look at the numbers.

Maybe a coupling ring or coupling flange? Quick search and I couldn’t easily find it either.

I have been searching for the past few days with no luck. It has teeth that attach to the gearbox. What happened is the teeth on that piece are worn out and it’s slipping causing it to act like it’s out of gear.

I’m afraid that I may be SOL and have to purchase the gearbox upgrade kit to solve the issue. Just seeing if I can find either a used one or at least figure out what the heck it’s called! Lol.

If you can find a copy of a “prevo” service manual you might be able to get more info.

Rotax calls it the “Front Clamping Ring” on the overload clutch.
I can’t find anyone stocking them however.

From the old service manual…


Thank you @dar53

I was hoping it was just me! Thank you for looking