What kart brands run freeline parts?

my brother is moving to cadet and were wanting to stay with freeline karts

All karts under the BirelART umbrella. Leclerc Kart, Kubica Kart, Ricciardo Kart, CompKart.

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This also includes Swiss hutless now.

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Is it true that Freeline has a regular and a premium line of parts? I think I read that somewhere, not sure.

I didn’t know CompKart were a Birel product, interesting. I just got to see on of those in person for the first time this past weekend. We have a ton of Birel out here, but no Compkarts.

Birel manufactured CompKart, but CompKart has their own design. CompKart has a very interesting rear bearing carry design to let you change the wheelbase and among some other things.

Yeah its funny you said that, when I was looking at the chassis I noticed the same thing. Interesting design.

I have a slightly older Birel leaning outside with the same hangers. It’s not that interesting.

It’s gossip, but apparently when Comp kart went to Birel to get them to manufacture their Karts, Birel was just going to use their standard material and possibly design. CK wanted a different grade of tube, and their design.
Birel didn’t want to do that, but CK had it in the contract and Birel missed it, and that’s why there was a bit of a shortage of CK chassis a couple of years ago while they sorted out all the legal stuff.

Again that could be total Bullsh*t. But I do love a good rumour.