What kart chassis for taller drivers?

I’m 6 4" 225lbs. With a 36" inseam. I have a older crg chassis that is worn the heck out. I would like to get to actually being able to race as my current ride will not pass any inspection. And rightfully so! I have narrowed down my choices to a new tillotson t4 or a margay 206. Which one would fit me better? I don’t want to cut and weld a new chassis, no problem with my old chassis but it’s time to step up and actually run something legal so I can race with everyone else. Any help would be appreciated. And no I am not going to bend myself into a pretzel to “fit”. Just want to be able to go to the track and have fun.

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Is there tillet racing near you? Tilly seems rarer than lo206 which is what’s normally on a margay.

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Pick any chassis you can get local support for. If you feel cramped in it, get an extended porch. 206 for ability race at way more places.



the New CRG 4 Cylce kart works great with a tall driver.

LSR Motorsports currently has a driver that is 6’-8" that runs in the front at the CKNA North Division in SR Heavy.

Where are you located? Or perhaps more relevant is are you racing.

That can be a large factor in chassis choice. Many kart brands offer what’s called an extended porch or “limo” option that offers more legroom.

Thank you I think I am pointed in the right direction now. I’m going to seriously compare the crg fs4 and the margay ignite. It appears lo206 is the ticket as I couldn’t find anything for tillotson. I’m in western NY and it looks like I’ll have 3 tracks within an hour and a half drive! Bonus! As far as the kart I guess it will come down to wich one I feel is easier to tune for different conditions. I’m a small engine mechanic by trade but when it comes to tuning a kart chassis I know absolutely nothing.

How close to the Canadian border are you? I know a guy with a 1 season old CRG FS4 and some spares that he’s looking to sell.

Were you able to find tracks running 206? I might be working on old info, but I was under the impression that there’s not much 206 activity in the NE area.

That seems to be the case in the NYC/Philly metro area but he’s further afield.

This facility looks like a racer facility:

That hairpin is just asking to be overcooked.


This is the answer. Local support is KING

I would stray from the idea of getting an Ignite unless you’re going to run the spec Ignite series.

I would agree with this

I’m in Rochester. It looks like lo206 is running at Avon, Lafayette, and I think Batavia will be reopening later this year.

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I’m 5’8" and WAY too short for my standard AK USA chassis - maybe try that one?

Why stay away from an ignite?

Because it’s not going to be as competitive in a class against chassis that have better build quality and more adjustability. It’s a fine kart for the Ignite program, but you’ll be limited on its potential in an open class. That program is designed to be cheap and easy which it accomplishes great


I wouldnt be so sure, seen Doug Cook win plenty of races on a Margay Ignite in open 206 classes against some good competitors but he isnt very tall.

I am a taller driver, my Intrepid Freedom has been a quick chassis and brought me alot of wins. The MGM chassis seems to be working good for many tall drivers that are quick like Derek Hastings, Adam Hiler and others. CRG like Ryan said has been quick with taller/larger drivers, Ryan not being the smallest racer himself has found sucess on CRG. I have also seen Eagle be quick with larger drivers. I think some chassis are to soft myself like OTK and I really struggle on them as a heavier/taller racer. Others have had different sucess but most of them are tall but not as heavy.

Saying Doug made it work is like saying Gary made a chassis work. Don’t use that example to tell someone the chassis can be ok in an open chassis class.

There’s a reason the factory guys run the Brava in the open classes.

Doug has always prefered the ignite to Brava. He also had a prototype before going back to the Ignite. I can confirm he is faster on the Ignite as well expecially on corner entry.

While, he might be the exception its still possible to be fast and competitive if it seems to suit you. I personally think the Ignite drives like a dump truck but also didnt have his setup.

I think any major brand chassis can work with the right setup. I have heard that chassis’ with a stiffer waist are more suited to taller drivers. A non-standard axle may be needed. A front extension is must if your knees are up to the steering wheel. They are fairly universal.

Local Support would be my number one criteria for brand selection!

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