What karting race systems do you use? (Race Monitor, Speedhive, Etc.)

What karting race systems do you use? (Race Monitor, Speedhive, Etc.) I’ve recently been turned onto these systems, and was wondering if there is anything else out there worth using?

There isn’t really any choosing since it depends on what each series decides to use for their results posting. For example, SKUSA and USPKS always uses RaceHero for live scoring and results where other series use RaceMonitor.

Speedhive/MyLaps is mostly for archival results. They have a live function I guess, but I don’t know any series here that uses it for live timing and scoring.

I use speedhive to record how slow I was


speaking of speedhive, I believe its down right now. Speedhive is a pain

It really comes down to the system(s) that are being used by the event.

Racehero (From the motosrportsreg team) is another one, but again it’s dependent on the scoring staff utilizing it and having timing software compatible with it in the first place.

AMB/Orbits/Mylaps/Speedhive are essentially a suite of timing tools.

AMB is the timing hardware.
Orbits is the timing software (But AMB hardware works with other software too)
MyLaps\Speedhive is a web portal for results that are pushed from Orbits.

Orbits uses a protocol called Rmon for live scoring. Software like race monitor and race hero use this protocol to bring live (and archived) results to the end user.