What kind of helmet to buy

Will any dot approved helmet work for racing

Check your rule book. Most organizations require Snell SA or K 2015+ at the moment.

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Thank uf for your help tj I’m trying to mount the seat I was told 14 inches to the top of seat but I can’t get that out of this new phantom seat

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Sorry, I’m not much help on oval stuff. I don’t anything about that seat or where it should go.

On topic, TJ what is your favorite helmet brand to work with? I know my painting buddy prefers Stilo. Says they seem to be the most symmetrical on average.

Arai and Stilo are both nice to paint because they are symmetrical 99% of the time. Bells are fine too but sometimes there are little issues or things aren’t quite lined up perfectly. Stilos are kind of a pain because they have a lot of ridges and highlight lines and some odd angles that make some lines look wonky.

Arai is my favorite to paint.

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