What pads to buy for these calipers?

I bought a CRG 125cc shifter and the brake pads just worn off, I dont know what pads to buy, I assume these karts have bike calipesr right? If so, what bike so that I can look what model of pad it is.

(I dont have the old pad to compare because apparently the previous owner “fabricated” his own pads as you can see in the 1st pic

I do not know but,
I found this using the stamp from the side of the caliper. It may help you narrow it down if it’s not the right one. Do you know what chassis model it is? That might help as well.

You can also try here:

I think its the VEN04 brake system (just looking at it). The fabricated pad looks totally different.

Here’s a link for the parts for the front calipers;

And the rear:

stupid question but, where do I check the chassis model?

does this help?

Actually if you can take some shots of the brake system that would be best. Juts in case it was swapped out. 2008 road rebel I believe would have a Ven04 brake system.

There’s some info on CRG pads here:

front pads which seem original (the rear ones were some makeshift bike pads as you can see in the OP)

So Ven04? or do you need a picture from inside the calipers?

When I searched for the homologation 16/FR/08 I found a document that describes them as Ven2010 but the filename says ven06.

It is a four wheel system depicted however.

If you’re not familiar with homologation, it’s a process used by the CIK in Europe to register kart equipment. It’s a measure to try and confine the number of changes made to them and acts as a revenue source also.

I think (as NikG) that this is a VEN 04 system.
From various sources the VEN 04 rear pads are rectangular 64.7mm long.Fronts pretty much square 41.8mm long.
I think the rear pads in Jorge’s first pic.are VEN 08 pads which are shaped as shown but start off 78 mm long.ie. previous owner got wrong pads (VO8) and cut them down to fit.
Problem arises because the VEN number does not correspond to the homologation number. A VEN 08 Brake has homologation 16/FR/14. and I’m pretty sure the homologation for the VEN 04 system is 15/16/FR/08.
Altough the document above quotes VEN 06 ,on page 1 it refers to Model: BK-04-125.
So Jorge if you measure the rear ‘pads’ you took out at around 64.7 mm long, and the fronts at around 41.8 mm. long you should be safe to go for the VEN 04 gear imo.

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I’m more confident its the VEN04 from your further pictures.

The VEN04 rear caliper is the only one in the last maybe 20 years that had 4 pistons.

Ok, Ven04 it is, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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Great brakes in my experience. Almost too good in a way. They grab pretty good.