Identifying the Age of a Kart with a Homologation Plate


What do the numbers on the Homologation mean? I assume CH means Chassis?

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First number is homologation item number, second is the type of equipment (CH = chassis), and third is the year it was a homologated.

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TJ is correct. This is homologation “document” #14, homolgation item is a chassis and it was homologated for the period ending in 2001. Chassis homologation lasts five years, putting this chassis between 1997 and 2001.

Often you can find info by searching for the homolgation number in different formats to find more information. In the case of this one you could try:

“014 CH 01”

I’ll make a more comprehensive guide (Unless someone else wants to volunteer? :grin: )
I posted the image so I could share it in a reddit topic and I just happened to make it after a conversation with @Ryon_Beachner a couple of days prior about helping people find out the real age of a kart when they are buying used.

Here are some links to some more recent homologation lists:

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If anyone is interested in more of the homologation info…

As TJ said, the second field dictates the type of equipment. They’re abbreviations of the corresponding French names, so some of the designations seem a bit counterintuitive.

SA = Intake Silencer (Airbox)
FR = Brake Systems
CH = Chassis
CA = Bodywork
M = Engines
P = Tires
C = Carburetor
EX-SI = Exhaust silencer
A = Ignition


Thanks for this… saves me doing it :grin:

Nah, the last number is the year the homologation ends? Unless some equipment was homologated in the future :wink:

But some chassis have been extended. So for example the Maranello RS7 was first homologated in I think 2006-2011 homologation period (so chassis code ends with 11) but it has been extended to the end of this year.

Thanks… and looking again… the period is five years.

Right, extensions are another thing to consider… So how can you tell the year of those more accurately? Other than contacting the manufacturer.

Unless the manufacturer has a method in the serial number, you are stuck with contacting the manufacturer.

Sometimes its possible to tell from little upgrades here and there but that takes historical knowledge of the manufacturer anyway.

Just to confirm…

My chassis tag reads:

CIK-FIA 48/CH/14

This was sold to me as a 2016 frame. Am I to understand that I’ve been ripped off and my chassis could be anything from 2010-2014?

EDIT: It seems my homologation number was extended to 2020, so maybe not. I guess I’d have to rely on the serial number to confirm the MY.

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Mister @tjkoyen has driven Exprit (Exprits?) and might have a contact that can help decode the build date.

This reminds me, my Kosmic chassis tag is blank. Was it covered over or does that mean something else?

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Pretty sure it means “this frame needs more welding rod as part of it’s metallurgical composition”.

Joking aside… It may not have been a homologated model… For US import. I have seen chassis like this.


Is there a reason why they would have a non-homologated model, like would it be cheaper for them to produce?

Homologation is a flat rate from what I recall. I’ve seen cases where a chassis design that has been homologated, is sold without the homologation plate at a lower price. That might be what you have.

In a market like the US where the chassis doesn’t require homologation, sometimes you’ll see experimental or un-homologated models floating around.

There were a couple instances where we were developing chassis so every month or so we would be on a different frame and none of those were homologated, because they were all experimental chassis.

There have been karts designed specifically for the US market as well, where the grip levels, tire compounds, and classes are different from the European market. These wouldn’t need to be homologated either.

I can’t say I’ve seen unhomologated OTK karts though, so not sure what the deal is on yours Aaron.

Even if it was homologated there would still be some plate with some serial number. An OTK officionado may be able to tell the year from the serial number. The first two letters are some sort of indicator I understand. OTK also made little changes each year.

There used to be thread (on showing all the differences between OTK karts through the years (hint: mainly cosmetic) from 2006 on but all the photos have been photobucketed.

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Any help identifying the year of manufacture of this chassis needs to have been started manufacture before 95 to be eligible for our vintage class20181129_201511

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a 1995 judging by the first two digits of the serial number.

Any ideas on this one?