What’s the Biggest battery You’ve Fit into a Coleman External starter

So I have a fleet of rental karts with 460cc engines. I’m also in MN and it’s 0f.

Wondering what people’s thoughts are in on the largest capacity battery I could get in there.

I bought an AGM that 350cca. I think 350cca is enough, but I could use more stamina. If it doesn’t fire fast the battery needs a break. Poor thing.


I have seen guys use a car battery on a dolly and have cables running to the starter. If you need a huge cca then that might be the best way to go. Although it is a bigger pain as you have to roll the battery around.

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Think that Chris has the right idea. The same type of rig that the endro karters use. Put a quick connecter on the battery cables and weld a piece of pipe on the two wheeled cart to put the shaft of the starter in.

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Yeah that might be the way to go. I’ve been trying a few different things including a lithium booster pack. That thing has some kick, just less capacity but it might be the way to go when the karts start easier after I get idle circuit etc adjusted.

About sixty 2170 cells connected 4s 15p. That should be able to kick out about 1500A and that will be enough to start anything smaller than an R-2800.


Any ideas on what retail product might do this?

It might be hard to find at an affordable price. Most stuff using that number of batteries is for an E-bike, and will be setup for higher voltage. The racecar stuff is priced for rich racecar folks.


Wow. Did not know you could spend that much on a battery.

We use a Shorai in our starter, busts out a line of animals. They are small, light and powerful.


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