What’s this for?

Needing to relocate/weld the nerf bar studs, and weld lower seat hangers. Disassembled the kart, found lead shot (9lbs) in left side chassis tube (not engine side).
What’s the purpose of doing this?
What’s a good height/style of bracket for the lower seat mount?

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The lead shot is for ballast to meet class weight. Illegal for most racing orgs these days (big issues if your frame cracks or you lose a bumper bolt and start dumping shot al over the track), but not uncommon back in the day. With how modern karts work and flex, it probably would be detrimental to handling on a newer chassis anyway. Now we just bolt lead weights to the seat or chassis for ballast.


A James Bond vision came to me as I read that.

Along with the iconic sound of horns playing!

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Is this a sprint kart or oval kart? It sounds like a circle track trick.

used to be a big nascar trick back in the day. They would load up the frame rail with lead shot, and cover with something that would melt with the exhaust/track temps. Few laps in the car would drop a huge amount of lead. As the cars only got weighed before the race.

Darrell Waltrip tells a story that they put the hole where the jack pad hit to jack the car. So when they jacked the car for inspection the hole was covered with the jack.

I absolutely love the stories of old racers and their operating in the grey area.

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Any idea what brand the chassis is?
That front bar is unusual

Noob to karting…Bought it from CL $700 kx80cc shifter. I have no idea. Just getting it track ready to do laps. No competition…. Yet

The fella at the kart track said it’s an old track magic kart. There’s no homologation. Only identifiers I see is a stamped number on the brake master housing