What’s your favorite 428 chain breaker?

Wondering what 428 chain breakers you’ve found to be ultra reliable and tough?

Across the board hands down RLV on any chain breaker. TDC makes a great #219 one as well but I think they’re phasing it out.

The other ones I’ve used are mostly imported from China and are often really poorly done. Threads not fully cut, shavings in the threads, or push pins that bend easily. An RLV breaker seemed to always do the trick.

Edit: I’m sure the RLV ones are forged/cast in China but wherever they’re made the finish machining is at least acceptable.

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I use something like this:

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TDC makes a good one as well as Motion Pro. I wish the Motion Pro was milled, doesn’t really make a difference, but it’d be cooler if it were.