What seat should I install on Birel s15 30мм kz

I am 182 cm tall. What brand should the seat be. Which works best on this chassis.

Factory teams usually start with a Tillett T11VG.

@CrocIndy might have the latest measurements if you’re in need.

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T11VG all day.

105-106cm off the LF kingpin to top middle of the seat flat bottom flush with the rails.

Yep would also sign this. I am 181 and is 105,5 .

The only thing i experienced for my DD2, the t11t works bit better on very grippy conditions, atleast with mojos.

If using the dimension Burpo mentions above, it will also vary based on the size of seat you’re using, as an L is going to have a taller back than say a Manetti. 106cm is a good baseline, and I’d guess it would put you in the 11.0-11.5cm range for dimension “D” from the snip below.


Your D measurement is 13cm ± 1 on our chart.

Your C would be 21 ± 1

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We use green vega. Tracks don’t always have much traction