What size bumper bolt kid do I need?

2020 Kosmic Mercury R adult kart. I broke the bumper bolt! I want to buy this kit from fastech because some hardware fell off on the track and will never be seen again:

Kit comes in 28, 30, 32 mm. Google says my chassis is 30mm tubes. Is that right? Can’t measure right now (out of state). If so, should I order 30mm or should I order 28mm so it will fit inside the tube? Thank you all.

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Order 30mm. They’re labeled to match to tube size, but the bushings are undersized to fit.

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Those Bolts tend to snap in my experience, primarily when you use an electric stand that holds the Kart from the bumper. I’ve learned not to have the kart on the hooks for prolonged periods as the bolts will bend and then snap. Regardless I recently switched to the hardened bolts (10.9)

hopefully, they will work better, though you could probably source them cheaper somewhere else. Nice to have even when using a normal stand as the bumper bolts take a lot of strain.

Nice. I’ll upgrade to this hardened bolt. My stand doesnt hook the bumper. I spun into a wall and also practiced jumping curbs last time out, so I think that’s what did it. I didn’t notice the broken bumper bolt until the last session of the day, so I can’t be sure how it happened.