What size shed for kart storage?

Going to build a shed here when it warms up to store and work on my go kart because the garage is just too cramped. I was thinking 10’x12’ would be plenty of room but just wanted some opinions on that before I made any decisions

My .02 cents? If you can and space and budget allow I would go as big as you can (within reason). That way in the future if you need more space/get more things you don’t stress about having to build another one, would rather spend more money now than have to spend even more time and energy in the future. But to answer your point I believe 10x12 would be fine.


well i’m 19 and i live with my parents and i make a good income, but i won’t be living there more than 3-4 more years. so i figured just a temporary shed for a few years then a bigger shop when i move. so just something that i can fit the kart in and maneuver around to work on it and fit my tools

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" I wish my garage was smaller," said no one ever! and I think applies to a shed too. Make it as large as you have budget, space and your municipality allows.

Just make sure you have enough room for a work bench and to still walk around all 4 sides of the kart.

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