What Spare Hardware Do I Need?

I just bought a 2017 Swiss Hutless cart to race Lo206 and am looking for most common universal nuts and bolts to buy.

Does anyone have a list of hardware I should keep, like wheel bolts, etc.

I don’t recall who had a pre-made kit of fasteners for sale, what I did was to get a divided parts tray like the kind sold at Harbor Freight and for metric fasteners; put a dozen or so 4mm, 6mm & 8mm nuts, flat washers and lock washers. Then added the corresponding socket head cap screws in various lengths to match the above. You will probably want to add some additional items such as wheel studs, wheel nuts (I use the cylindrical style that uses a hex or allen wrench), wheel bead locks and o-rings (if they are on your wheels). I’m sure there are a couple of other things that I’ve forgotten, but go over your kart and see what fasteners are on it and make sure you have some replacements, you never know what will vibrate loose and fall off or get rounded off tightening it up.

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Take an inventory of what is on the kart now so you only need to get the sizes you can actually use. McMaster is pricey but you can choose any material, grade, or coating you could imagine.

Most of the online shops have a hardware kit of some sort:

I’m fortunate to have a couple of Ace Hardware stores in my area that have a large selection of nylock, jam and regular nuts. Also has most bolts and screws found on a kart.
Buy yourself a plastic container and fill it with just the hardware that fits your kart. It will take a few trips to the hardware. Then order the hardware you can’t locate.

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