What Tire Pressure?

Well tomorrow I finally get to drive a kart after a 30 year hiatus! The kart (which was given to me) is a 2011 Topkart Rotax max. I’ve only ever driven gearbox (shifter) karts before so I have ne experience with this kind of karting. One question I have is what is the ballpark for tire pressures? I recall using 16 to 18psi back when I raced but this was on high speed road courses. The tires are Bridgestones.

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1bar is my usual starting point, normally end up around .86 fronts and .9 rear depending if it’s reasonably grippy. Little over 1.1 ish if it’s dusty or very humid.

Completely depends on what compound Bridgestone. Should be a three-letter stamp on the sidewall.

Sorry forgot about that, they are YLR’s

Fairly soft then. We run our MG Yellows (medium-soft) at 8.5-10.5 psi cold usually. I would say somewhere in that range to start.

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Thanks! I’ll start out at 10.5.