What to Check on Mychron 5 when coming off the track

Just curious…

When you come off the track, what are the first things you check on the Mychrone 5 in regards to the Briggs Lo206. Most importantly, what do you do with the information?

Things like Max RPM, potentially lowest RPM, etc.

Just wanted to know what everyone else is watching for out there. Thank You

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Max RPM to see where we are on gearing and then lap time. But it’s pretty much then straight on the laptop for more in-depth analysis. Then menu systems are such a pain in the arse to navigate so just get on the computer as soon as posisble

Agree with Alan. I look at the high/low RPM and temps basically and then download to the laptop to analyze traces.

A single data set is somewhat useless unless you were actively trying different racing lines or something during the session, but once you make a change and compare that data to the original set, you can see where you gained or lost time with a gear change for example, or you can see if you were able to accelerate better off a corner if you made a handling change to free the kart up.

The first-glance data like RPMs and temp give you a good initial idea of where your engine is performing. Most of the time you’ll have an RPM range and a temp window you’re shooting for where your engine builder knows the engine will be performing its best. That first-glance data can tell you quickly whether or not you’re in those ranges, but analyzing it on the computer can show you why you are or are not in the ranges.

For a rev limited class/engine like 206, I look at min speed for the fastest three laps and laptime consistency across the board.

I’ve found it hard to glean much in the way of actionable data, it’s more feeding curiosity than anything else.

Personally I like looking at the gps path of my best laps versus my not so good ones to see what was different line wise.