What to do with old helmets?

So I’m in the middle of packing to move to Chicago tomorrow, and I realized I have this old SA2020 cue ball helmet I can’t use anymore. Don’t necessarily want to get rid of it, but just wondering what you guys do with the old helmets you have.

Also up for discussion is an old Kosmic chassis I kept because I liked the color and a seat with a hole through through the side of it from USPKS in 2021. Those I wanted to make into a sim rig at some point.

Definitely second the sim rig idea. Race liberante has a cool setup from an old Compkart

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I’ll bet someone creative has done something cool. I shall search the internet.


Ok so…




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My girlfriend is big into painting and gardening, maybe I make it a plant pot and she can paint it too.

Predictably, my 2c…

I’m just double checking for my own sanity, but why can’t you use it? Wouldn’t most series allow you to use SA2020’s until at least 2030?

But, attach weights to the hans posts and use it for neck exercises?

I mistyped. It’s SA2010, expired in 2020. It does already have the HANS posts though, so I could use it for that.