What type of motor mount to buy?

I recently just bought a new KA100 engine and have been looking around different motor mounts and wanted a few tips.

Aside from the different brands what are the differences between them and how does the angle of the motor mount affect the kart? What are your personal preferences and suggestions for a motor mount?

I like the Odenthal 2 piece slide mount. Bought the 5* for my KA. I’ve bought these mounts before and they are very solid, well built and super easy to get chain tension correct.


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I like Bryan’s Odenthal recommendation- we just chose it for Joey’s new mini swift install and it’s a really solid and easy to setup design.

I have often used whatever came with the kart/engine. If I need to or decide to buy an engine mount I have almost exclusively purchased Odenthal. They are a little expensive but very nice.

I have the Odenthal 2 Piece 5 degree for our KA on our Birel. No issues and adjusting it is fairly easy.

TDC also makes a similar one.