What wheels to keep/sell

I have 7 sets of wheels. I am selling a Merlin and switching to OTK next season.

We race KAjr mostly race at Badger in Wisconsin with a little Rte66 and Road America sprinkled in. All events would be on MG red tires.

What wheels should I keep and run with the OTK, and what 2 sets should I sell with the Merlin?

2x Gold OTK mags
2x Black Douglass M Series
1x driveline Mags
1x Silver AMV Mags
1x White AMV Mags

Agree with Evan. The Driveline is an MXC copy and supposed to be pretty dang close to MXCs.

But I would even go so far as to say you can dump the MXJs (spoked gold OTK wheels) too. I’ve found them to overheat after 5-6 laps at Dousman even, and I don’t think they are a very good wheel in general. Even in cold weather they just aren’t that good.

If you wanted a spare set, I’d keep the Douglas LV (spoked w/ rain tire). I have a set and they actually are a decent long/medium-run wheel.

I would sell the Douglas. Looks like you have one set of standard Douglas, and one set of Low Volume, and both of these overlap with others you have in terms of “grip level”.

The shiny gold wheels are an OTK MXC copy, but my experience is that they function very similarly.

This would leave you with a pretty versatile range:

[Least Grip] AMV 9F — MXC Copy — AMV Tiger — OTK MXJ [Most Grip]