What would be the ultimate kart class?

So, let’s have some fun with this. I want to know what everyone’s ideal class would be. Any engine, real, conceptual, or made up. How would you want the powerband to look like? Tyre type? Anything you can think of. If cost weren’t a factor (hahahahaha I wish) what would you want to see.

It already happened. I would say Formula K (not the chassis, a 135cc rotary valve direct drive engines with a big diaphragm slide carb) but I never even came close to experiencing them. Formula Super A was fantastic though, 100cc rotary valve direct drive engine with a big diaphragm slide carb.

My understanding of Formula K was they had so much torque that they could spit you off the track when you applied the throttle at the exit of corner.


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Take a 125cc TaG, ditch the starter and the clutch, make it DD, and run as a Pro class. Oh wait, that’s the Sudam, which NA karting never really adopted… Would be a cool class. Esp. if kept air cooled and run at 320#.

Pro Open Sprint like in the old Rock Island GP days. Essentially, Unlimited All-Stars rules in a sprint track format.

Restricted tires, varying ballast, no gearbox, 200cc max or so.

Single engine karts, dual engine karts, rotaries, 4 strokes, water cooled, air cooled, you name it. It would be awesome.

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If you are able to look past the notion (which I would argue is very false) that faster karts = better racing, I would argue massive fields of LO206 or direct drive Yamaha classes are what karting is all about in terms of fun racing action. Close pack racing, where precision and smoothness are valued. ICA during the Stars era was epic at times but engines blew up too much…


Bring back the old “C” Open class! !! updated to some reasonable max cc’s.

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Although I’d love to see 135cc formula K like @NikG mentioned, with modern porting like a K11b. That would be pure savage.

@Mynameismcgyver I bet you have something to say here.

Giessen will want Pro Open back. :wink:

How about bring back open Animal.

That was fun but it got expensive real quick. I have had a blast in the lo206 class so my ideal class would be something like that but faster. Just kind of a natural progression, factory sealed 420 or something along those lines. Same type of engine and idea but taking it to the next level with gobs of low end torque to throw you out of the corners.

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world formula, or pro gas would be the next step after lo206. But really 206 is plenty fast.

Lo206 is the ultimate kart class for you?

Q[quote=“The_Karting_Channel, post:12, topic:581”]
Lo206 is the ultimate kart class for you?

Why not? Big entries, less maintenance and upkeep.
Not everyone wants to be masochists like us :smile:

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I think that the definition of ‘ultimate’ is going to vary per each person, as it should!
For some, it’ll be ‘the most fun’, where LO206 can definitely be seen as a ton of fun. For others, it’ll be the challenge of driving the kart that is trying to kill you. :wink:

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In new Zealand we have an open class with 250cc max, sticky tyres and different weights for different engine sizes and whether they have a gearbox or not. Have a mate that runs one with a kz and a 100cc Parilla apparently the front end gets light under full throttle

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