What would your food vendor of choice @ your dream track?

I am not including things I can easily bring, One of my favorites to bring is fruit cocktail - just a bunch of fruit cut up & mixed. Very refreshing & easy to eat in little bits throughout the day. I like bringing some stuff so I know what I can count on.

@ one point the Kart Cafe served fruit instead as an option to fries with the burger. Really nice. More than once I took my wife there just to get a burger at her request. The Cafe also has some pretty good special on event days. Kind of nice to get into AC & quiet for a bit, useful if you need to ‘reset’ your head.

Not necessarily the best choices, but these fit for the entertainment mode of karting.
My dream track food: assuming good quality on all.
Tacos & Tamales (Mexican in general)
Burgers - philly cheese steak
Banh Mi
Middle Eastern/Mediterranean - Kafta Kabob, gyros, hummus, falafal, pita bread (not bad in the heat)

Drinks: (not a replacement for a lot of water)
Lebanease & mint tea

Agua Fresca - Cantaloupre, pineapple, tamarind lemonade, watermelon. I like horchata too, but not in the heat. I like jamaica/hibuscus but am allergic - it irritates/closes my throat. Best Aqua frescas have less sugar IMHO.

Any fruit juices

Good ole iced tea

Sorry if I picked all the low hanging fruit.
What is your idea of a nice treat you would love to get at the track?

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A good taco truck would be ideal! Fish tacos would be good race food.

Indian curry
Decent BBQ

Now I’m hungry!

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I always find being at the track hot most days. So I can go for a cold cut sandwich and plenty of water, sports drinks, and iced tea.

I am in the NOLA metro area so we can see the correlation between knowing what we like and not having to add weight to the kart.

I can tell you what not to eat. One day my brother & I were @ the track and his wife brought us food. If y’all know what a muffaletta is you probably know it not the best idea for track food

Dom, in regards to fish tacos the hard question is fried or grilled. One place here I get 1 fried, 1 grilled and a brisket, cause I can’t choose betwixt the fried or grilled.

I used to try to support the track & buy food there. Between the choices and wait times I tend to bring my own now.

There is no right answer for fish tacos. I like em all. The ones where they used breaded cod (fish&chips style) is my current fave.

At the tracks in Italy, they usually have a LEGIT pizza place on-site at track. I would love that.

Street tacos would be excellent. Under the Innovative tent, we make our own slow cooker tacos every Friday. It’s the highlight of the weekend.