What year is this Tony kart? 56/CH/14 CY57860 / Rotax evo 8647670


In my search for my first Rotax evo kart, I found this Tony kart chassis.

The owner tells me the chassis is from the year 2021, and the engine from 2020.

Does anyone on this forum have access to check this information via serial numbers?

Would appreciate it!

Looks like 2018 chassis at the latest.
There was s new homologation in 2019 that had a different number.

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Tje engine is atleast from 2018. The barcode on the cylinder was implemented from 2018.

Up until 2018 OTK seat supports were welded onto the frame.

From 2019-2021 they replaced the support with a sort of rectangular steel block, with two holes drilled and welded in a vertical positicion.

From 2022 onwards this block is welded in an horizontal position.

Judging by the serial number, the frame at least should be from around late 2020-2021, but since OTK’s from 2019-2021 were the same (OTK would have updated its chassis lineup in 2021 but COVID changed everything) I would be more concerned about cracks, the tubes not beign excesivelly flattened, and the straightness of the frame.

About the Rotax, the engine should be from 2020, the engines I have from late 2018-early 2019 are 862XXX. Be aware that Rotax compared to Vortex and X30 has had many updates over the years since the introduction of the EVO series back in 2014-2015, in your serial pic the engine has the old style bendix cover, not the current one that covers the bendix and clutch drum. It should do no harm to check the accesories just in case, at least the wire harness, ECU serial must be code 666 815, the spark plug cap should be preferably either the red NGK or the red Rotax one, the black NGK one is not legal anymore.


Many thanks for this answer! I will ask the owner to send me a picture of the ecu serial.