What's it worth? 2 margay karts

Hi, I recently acquired 2 karts and was wondering what they are worth. Any help would be much appreciated. They are both margay brava 1 karts with yamaha kt100 power plants. Both run great but need brake lines replaced. They come with extras that include a dolly that holds 2 carts. Would I be better off parting them out? I see the motors on ebay go for about 300 to 400


As they sit, probably each kart ~ 1,000-1100 at best.

You’re about right. A used Kt100 that isn’t ‘fresh from a builder’ is worth ~350-400 at most.

If you separate the engines, you likely will be able to sell them for that price after continually renewing the listing on Ebay, Ekartingnews, here, etc.

However, if you do that, it will be almost impossible to sell the karts. So, for that reason, you may want to consider not separating.

That said, both chassis are pretty dated, so finding a buyer can be tricky.

Thanks Eric, I was thinking 1400 for both karts with all the extras. Or was possibly going to keep one. Are they still relevant to race at all? Or just something to have fun with?

Parting things out nearly always nets more money, but whether it’s worth your time is the question. I think splitting the engines and chassis is a good idea. The engines can still be run in different part of the country, they are still popular in the midwest and if nothing else, someone might want one for a practice motor.

The chassis will be a little harder to sell because it has older “breadbox” bodywork, an older rear bumper setup and so on. Most tracks won’t let that race with other karts, but many will let you turn laps for fun and practice. Converting them to the more modern design can be more hassle than it’s worth. Your best leads for selling the chassis are folks that are looking to run 90’s style karts, like myself and @Mynameismcgyver, or people looking for an inexpensive chassis to run a briggs 206 on and either want to spend a little time converting it to modern bodywork or race at a track that has more liberal bodywork rules.

Figure 400ish for a motor, 300 for a chassis. Like anything, depends on the market etc.

Here’s some resources to trade karts:

Are they kid or adult size?