Whats need to be done to my old chassis?

So im trying to resurrect my old kart. I havent turn it on the last 10 - 12 year… engine need a total rebuild.

But the thing is chassis wise im trying to use it again juat for sake of fun. Relive my old moment. The problem is there is no swiss hutless dealer in my country. There is just OTK and intrepid. Axle is corroded. Brake need a new 3 rotors and brake pads. Can i use other brands for brakes and axle?

What about bodywork? Im trying to find this whole setup. Seats i believe i can use anything right? What about stub axle can i crossed brand with otk or intrepid?

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And my current kart situation is below


I need to know more about the Husky.

Funny story about the husky. Back then i couldnt buy the TM shifter engine bcs its crazy expensive. That engine was given to me from my dad’s colleague. It performed really well back then, i went real close with the TMs.

My previous engine before husky was Honda CR125 but couldnt keep up on the straight with the TMs

is this a secret bad ass cars flex hidden in a karting post?

Flexing our rides/garages/toys is a moral imperative.

I did not know husquavarna made kart engines!

Nah nah nah. Purely not. Have no intention to flex or whatsoever… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Not even trying dom. I know husky didnt made a kart engine. Its a motorcross engine.

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Well back at the main topic since there is no more swiss hutless dealer. Can i do cross brand to otk or intrepid to change part such as, rotors, brake pads, axle, stub axle n others?

You can but your mileage will really vary. Do your research on every part.

Some are interchangeable and others decidedly are not. A spindle for example can change in drop angle, material, length, and offset. So there’s different things to think about.

Most parts on most karts can be replaced, some brake components may not be able to be found.

Mondo Kart and another Swiss Hutless dealer in other countries may be a good place to start…

Would it be cheaper to buy a used chassis or rebuild this one eric?

Impossible to say without a lot more photos etc.

I think this project as far as I can tell is more about the principle of it and doing it right than the cheapest way. Maybe I’m off base there?

I’d say if you account for your time it’s nearly always cheaper to buy something that’s assembled.

To do the job right, it will take some time. But compared to restoring a car, its a piece of piss.

Couple of days, between stripping powder coating. Restoring parts that can’t be bought, sourcing new parts etc. Rebuilding brakes,carb, engine etc.

If its sentimental work away, buy you wont see €1000-1500 to do a great job (like new restoration)

You could do a slap together job for less than half that.

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Axles should be interchangeable, assuming you buy corresponding keys to adapt the axle to your equipment. In the US, PKT is pretty good about it but not sure about your country. Seats you can use anything. Brakes, if you can’t find compatible parts, you can just buy a whole new system (caliper / master cylinder).

But honestly, if you’re going to replace that many things, you’re better off just buying a used complete chassis rather than dumping money into getting an uncompetitive kart running.