What's Your Favorite Track You've Driven?

With the number of people from across the country that are on here, I’m wondering what track sticks out to everybody as their favorite track that they’ve raced on.

I’ll start first, my favorite track is probably USAIR in Shawano, WI. Admittedly, I have a smaller knowledge of tracks than many here, but this was the most memorable track that I’ve raced on.

I’ll +1 USAIR in Shawano. Definitely my favorite. Layout is a ton of fun to just drive with all the elevation change, and the track is wide, smooth, and fast with passing zones in almost every corner. It’s a perfect driver’s track.

Other favorites:
New Castle

PGP Motorsports Park is easily my favorite track that I’ve driven. Tri-Cities Kart Club in Richland is a close second.

Insert Dorky Karting Video of PGP here.

Granted, I’ve only really driven tracks in Region 6, so I need to drive more tracks in more places. ($$$, please).

I’ve had the fortune to drive a bunch of different tracks, but probably my favorite has to be Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley. It’s a very rough, physical track with a lot of very strange corners that were always challenging. One of the hilights of the track is the 180-degree, off-camber, uphill-on-exit corner near the back of the track.

Adams Kart Track
Moran Raceway
SBR Motorsports Park


I like that track layout. That looks fun :slight_smile:

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It really is. This photo doesn’t do justice to the huge amounts of elevation change present at Grange. The whole straightaway is sloped downhill significantly as well, with a huge bump going into turn 1 that means in higher-horsepower karts you catch air just before the braking zone. Best onboard I could find, unfortunately running it backwards, which is still fun.

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USAIR has some crazy elevation in it too. I think @tjkoyen has a video on the YouTubes (which I can’t access at school :cry:) and you can really see the elevation changes through the whole track. I don’t know about your track, but this one just rips through tires. Enough so, in fact, that Route 66 and USPKS allowed all classes to change onto fresh tires for the Sunday races instead of mandating one set/weekend for the Yamaha classes as usual.


The tire rules will change depending on the series.

As a general rule, most tracks in the southwest are pretty hard on tires. Calspeed is an exception. Grange is like a cheese grater. It sits out in the desert sun all year and bakes and gets coated with dust and sand…so it’s pretty rough on tires.

Here’s an on-board from Shawano in 2015. Not quite as gnarly in a Yamaha compared to a TaG, but still pretty nuts.

The dust and sand that Eric alluded to is one of my least favorite things about racing out west… Last year’s SKUSA race in Phoenix was insane. Super windy, to the point where we had measurable amounts of dust on everything we owned, even in the trailer with the doors closed. And then it rained too which just made it a mud fest. Especially me, who was driving off-track a lot.


Shawano and Grattan are my faves. Although Grattan isn’t a kart track, it’s a great road course that karts run on. Both have blind bends, variable radius bends and everything inbetween.

Here’s Grattan (from an e30 M3 because it gives a great view of how undulating it is)
Yes, you get air going over that hill.
Yes you pull 5th gear in a shifter into that blind last right turn and time it by aiming for a tree in the distance.

Atlanta Motorsports Park will have to be my favorite in the Southeast. The elevation changes combined with the blind turns, and the fact that the facility is brand new and excellent in every way all contribute to that.
Here’s a “slow” lap that does a decent job capturing the track.

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Amp looks mega. Especially with those undulations.

It’s a good ways away from me, but if your travels bring you that way, let me know and we might plan something.

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Here’s Grattan in a Animal Sprint Kart, the start is a little funny becuase the plug wire came off the ignition.
I also think he has YLC’s on the back and YDS on the front, pit crew really screwed up.

For Sprint racing Batavia (previously Kelly’s Speedway) though now closed was an across the board favourite. For Enduro or Road Race it is Mid Ohio, followed by Grattan.


Probably Grange Motor Circuit. That place is a workout! Very physical and tons of elevation change, tricky corners, awesome setting/location except in the middle of the summer.


Infineon/Sears Point/ Sonoma Raceway- Full track configuration with the carousel.
The Ridge Motorsports Park
Laguna Seca
Miller Motorsports Park - outer loop configuration
Pacific Raceways


I’ll 3rd or 4th Shawano. If it were 3 or 4 hours south it would rival New Castle for most attended track.

SIRA races through the Ceraland Park. Awesome “street” race.

I still think Norway is one of the top midwest tracks. Repave it, give it a coat of paint, and actually mow the place.


Agreed, although we’re on top of the mowing now. :wink: Thank you for the kind words for my home track.

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Speaking of Norway, I’ve heard many good things about it. They say if you can convince the owners to get a repave, Route 66 may consider going back. I’d like to go on an open weekend if I can to check it out