Wheel and tire mounting / orientation

I just purchased a used CRG kart and noticed the valve stem for the rear wheels and one of the front wheel was inside the rim, forcing me to dismount the Wheel to check the tire pressure. Seemed odd the valve stems were not orientated the same for all wheels.

My question is , is the wheel mounted correctly ? Or is it backwards. Is there any inside / outside or can the wheel be mounted either way? There is no indication of the tires.

There rear wheels seem sunk in whereas I see most karts the rear wheels are flush with the side fairings.

image image image

Don’t be fooled into assuming that the tire brand label on the sidewall must be mounted on the outside. Most kart tires, and MG tires are definitely one of them, are unidirectional. which means the tires must be mounted on the wheels in the correct direction.

Check the tires (on both sides) again, there should be a small arrow on the sidewall that points which direction the tire should roll forward, and very often that means the tire brand label winds up on inside of the wheel when the tire is mounted to it and the wheel is mounted to the kart.

Unless there is some trick about having the stem on the inside I don’t know about, the stem should be on the outside. I think the previous owner bolted some of the tires on the kart the wrong way, assuming the all of the brand labels were supposed to be on the outside. Or, the person may have mounted the tires on the rims, without even thinking about the directional arrows, and realized the error after the tires were beaded.

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You just need to mount those wheels with the valve stems out. It is backwards with them in. Don’t worry about which way they rotate.

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Valve stems always outside.

On the tyres you see the little chevrons after the word ‘kart’ - those indicate direction of rotation. Ignore where the brand stickers are.

I dunno about the races you will join but here if you’re tyres are mounted the wrong way you get DQd.

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