Wheel Nuts

What do you use for wheel nuts?

I have always used the locking type wheel nut the kind that has a crimp in the end. They are very secure but the ones I bought most recently have damaged the threads on a few studs so I am looking at options. The barrel style don’t have a locking feature so do they tend to loosen up? Plus they are installed with an allen wrench and seem likely to be damaged with an impact gun. The other option is a regular nylock nut, but they aren’t flanged. Then what about washers, I assume they are recommended to reduce the friction between nut and wheel. Lots to think about with something so simple.

I have run the barrel type for about 5 years now. I’ve never had one loosen up and they’re much more durable than the regular wheel nuts. I’ve never had issues with them messing up threads on the studs either. They are quite heavy but well worth it in my opinion

I used to use barrel nuts but had a run of them cracking, probably from using an impact on them too harshly, so I have been using the bronze colored locking nuts for years with basically no issue. No washers.

I always start wheel nuts by hand to make sure I don’t zip them on crooked with the impact and cross-thread the stud.


I usually spray WD40 or chain lube on the stud before running a new wheel nut to make sure it doesn’t get stuck the first time I put it on, and always hand start a wheel nut for the same reason you gave, because having to replace a stud in a wheel hub at the track is a PITA

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Barrel nuts. 20 chars

There are titanium ones that look just like the bronze ones. They are machined much better, never damage threads and can actually fix threads ruined by a bronze nut. I get ours from Zilisch at Late Apex Karts

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I use the titanium ones too, after ruining a couple of studs with the bronze ones I won’t go back to them.

I’ve seen barrel nuts like these used successfully

I would definitely use a washer with them.

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Be careful. There are 2 different diameter barrel nuts. The smaller diameter are no good. I like the bigger diameter. Been using them for 20 years with no problems.