Wheel rim questions from a noob

Hi guys and girls, first post so hello everyone. I’m very much a noob to karting, bought my first last year. Hopefully this is in the right place for this post. I’m after a set of second wheels but I’m a little confused what wheels I actually need. My kart is an old Tony kart, possibly evk, with Douglas wheels currently.
As far as I understand I need magnesium but do I have to worry about pcd and offset? Can I just throw any old rims on it? Should I get 130 fronts and 210 rears? Some help would be amazing, I’m not racing just attending test days.

For the most part, beginners don’t need to fuss with the particulars of various wheels. As you gain experience and need to fine tune for a race weekend, then having a range of options can come in handy, but I’d recommend you keep it simple for now.

It sounds like your current hubs/wheels should be the standard 58mm PCD, so I would ensure to stick with that bolt pattern for any future wheels you may acquire. Probably best to stick with magnesium wheels, and ensure they are fitted with bead locks. Given your application those should be the primary details to consider when seeking out new wheels.

Different makes & models will offer 210 or 212mm rear wheels, either will work fine. Fronts will be predominantly 130mm. You’ll also find a range of different backspacing (offset) depending on the type of wheel, but this will not be of much importance with your current experience level. Only thing to consider is if you have different backspacing from wheel to wheel you will need to account for that when setting rear track width in order to hit your target measurement.

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Is there anyone locally you can ask what you should be getting? The Douglas sound like aluminum wheels which means that having a set of magnesium for dry days makes a lot of sense, at least in 2-stroke. Not sure wether that matters as much in 4-stroke.

There’s gotta be a team or two that does the sales and stuff locally. They would know what size wheels make sense for the track/series.

Douglas makes four different types of bolt-on magnesium wheels, in addition to their aluminum products.

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Best to figure out what tyres you plan on using first. Front tyres as mostly standard at 130. Rears differ on clubs and engine class. You can use 210 regardless of the tyre size, it will just have different effect.
Some clubs “suggest” to run 6" tyres which would normally fit on 180’s, but you can stretch them to 210’s. it will just free up the rear more as your stretching the side wall.

If you are race/practice 206, aluminum set might not be a bad idea, most of them do not have the bead lock screw, kind of useful if you plan to go through a lot of tires.

Thanks for all the information guys, I’m trying to learn as much as I can. There will be no racing, I doubt my old chassis and rotax max will keep up with anything haha
I actually assumed mine were magnesium but they could be aluminium. I’ll be using whatever tyres I can get, I have some mojos on atm and a spare set of used komets, don’t know anything else about them.
There are a lot of sizes I ended up confused at what I would need, but sounds like anything that fits a Tony kart, magnesium is the goal, 130mm front, anything around the 200mm.
I potentially have a guy to go and see, someone my mate knows, he has been involved with karts for a long time. I just can’t get hold of him, so hence ending up here. You guys know what’s what and I figured asking would save me the confusion. I am not doing much setup with the kart until I know my way around it better. Thanks for all the help so far guys.