Wheel rims for OTK karts?

Hi everyone I’m pretty new to karting so this might be a stupid question.

I currently have a 2021 Kosmic Nordix junior kart. At the end of this year, I will most likely be upgrading to a 2023 TonyKart Racer 401RR senior kart. I am just wondering what sort of wheels I can use on the OTK karts? Obviously there are the OTK brand rims, however I like the look of black wheels on karts.

Anyone got any ideas?

Any metric pattern wheels will fit. If you are picking by color, Douglas Mag will be your best bet. Their SE model is the closest thing to a MXC you can get (although it is not the same handling characteristics).

what do you mean by handling characteristics? Will the kart handle much different with the douglas wheels on?

“Much different” is very subjective. If you are a national level driver on a hot summer day on a rubbered up track, then yes, different wheels will handle differently. If you are a club level racer just looking to pound laps and keep learning, then no. You will not feel much (if any) difference.

If you are curious, start here and read up. There are quite a few topics on this:

Wheel material and construction plays a big role in how the tires build and maintain heat. The MXC wheel is considered one of the best wheels out there in terms of consistent tire performance and would be my recommendation for anyone. The AMV wheels are also nice and I’m finding the 3F model to be a great wheel for local and regional racing.

If your races are short, you might not notice the wheel differences much, but if you are doing longer races you will see different rates of tire drop off with different wheels. If you’re a newbie it might be tough to tell if you aren’t a consistent driver yet as well.

Derek posted a good topic about the subject, would definitely give that a read.

If you really want a black wheel, the Douglas SE is a decent wheel. Not quite as consistent as the MXC but not bad and comes in black.