Wheel Stuck on Hub/Axle (X30 KR2)

Hi all.

I’m running my first season in X30 Masters at GoPro. Currently having an issue and we’re at a bit of a loss.

Last race, my axle/left rear hub shifted during the final. We couldn’t get the wheel off post race.

Part of the axle dug in and carved a gash in the wheel. It seems like the wheel is stuck to the axle because of it.

Looking for advice on how to remove the wheel/reset the axle. Also wondering if the wheel would still be usable even with the small gash?

I’ll attach some pictures for reference. Thanks all.

Hmm, you might try loosening the wheel hub, spraying some WD-40 on the axle, and using a deadblow hammer to get the wheel and hub off together as soon. Getting the wheel off the hub should be much easier at that point. If you can, use some pliers or something to press that axle key into the axle as much as possible so its sitting flat like it should.

Not so sure how usable the wheel is. If its not vibrating and the wheel itself isnt bent outside of that gouge, it might be? Hard to tell.

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Just got the wheel and hub off! Used the hammer to push the wheel further in and it helped get the axle key to pop off!


I guess that is the downside with 69mm PCD hubs. I have not seen that previously.