Wheel Weights - Positioning Question

Picked up a nice balancer (EZ Bore) and found out how much o/o/balance my two sets of used tires/wheels really are. I’ve always been a fan of balancing both sides of the wheel rim on car tires (Balancing 101) however this is my 1st go-round with shifter kart tires/wheels. With that said, what’s the best practice (or rules) on wheel weight placement?
Many Thanks

I always just put it on the hub/balancer, let the heavy part roll to the bottom, place weights 180 degrees opposite on the inside lip. I imagine that’s what most people do.

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Agreed TJ, this isn’t rocket science; just wanted to see what others were up to. Thanks

I will note that I don’t always balance the rears either. If I have downtime I will, but if a rear is out of balance I almost never feel it. The fronts being out of balance is definitely feel-able at high speed though.

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Given the dynamics that surround a solid rear axle that makes a lot of sense TJ. Thanks X2 !

One last tidbit I picked up before we put this thread to bed- If you can index the tires heavy spots opposite (180 degrees) one another on the axle (or somewhat close) that can do some good. Thanks again all