When Changing Sprockets

Do you use the same chain and add / subtract from it?


Do you have a chain for each gearing ratio?

Thanks fellow karting prophets

Most times, for small changes, we keep the same chain and move the engine.


When it comes to chains and sprockets, it’s believed that worn components can accelerate the wear of others. For instance, if you whack a ratty, used chain on a new sprocket, it’ll wear down that sprocket’s nice new teeth much faster than a new chain - and vice versa. I’d try keep everything equal in condition.

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Generally you’ll have a chain length that works for a given range of gears for you, adjusting the tension with the fire/aft position of the engine. Which, I’m afraid to say can be one of the bains of working on a GoKart :joy:

So if you’re running just one track, or at least tracks with very similar gearing you’ll use the same chain length.

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If you really need to change a chain length, you can use a chain breaker to remove or add links.


Once its not an o-ring chain that is