When to buy snipers

At what point in your racing did you decide it was the point to buy sniper alignment? Better option? Cheaper option? Let’s hear it

I picked mine up right with the used kart I bought. The setup seems to crucial to me to be left not knowing what my toe, camber, caster is. I guess you could just use the notches on the camber/caster plate, but setting toe definitely needs lasers. Well worth the investment so far.

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Basically I have them in my kart right now. Just trying to make sure there isn’t something else I need more right this second

I bought mine I think maybe a year and a half into our karting adventure. Basically, once I figured I wanted to make sure I was right, and was asking to borrow others (there were very few options to borrow), I decided to buy my own. This made sure I always had access to them, and also became the guy to help set everyone’s front end at our track.

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Oh, and as for the alignment plates on the kart, first kart for my daughter was a CRG, so they were on there. However, when we moved to the Benik, and now the Birel, we haven’t bothered switching to the Sniper plates.

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Once the guy you’re borrowing them from starts to get annoyed.

A set of Sniper lasers is actually a pretty worthwhile investment, regardless of the cost. Other than just using them to set your alignment, they’re also the first tool I pick up to see if something is bent on the front end. They’re kind of invaluable in that respect.


To add to TJ’s comment, they last pretty long too. Mine are maybe 15 years old and are still going strong.

But, they won’t make you fast, and the expense may be better spent on a period of time with a good driver coach. Borrow them as long as you can.


Without even going into the tuning flexibility you’ll have with snipers, if your front camber/caster/toe/sweep setting is off very much at all, you’ll probably save whatever the cost of the snipers was pretty quickly by not having to replace prematurely worn front tires. Also, the peace of mind of knowing that my kart’s alignment is correct is irreplaceable, both from a performance stand point as well as equipment-integrity stand point. (i.e., if you know that your front end alignment is correct you also have a very good indication that the frame is not bent)

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Thanks guys. Looks like I’ll get them on order. Considering I have been using strings/rulers to do it this far. Probably worth while. Add that I don’t even know anyone with a set and that adds to the need

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Lindsay, are you planning on racing at WCKC? RaceLab definitely have a set I’m sure they’d let you use when you need it (probably best to ask for it on a race evening), just bring it back in a timely fashion.

No. I’m down south of Seattle. But will be using them as support at the ICP cup races.