Where do my fuel lines go?

Rebuilding an old Tony Kart with a vortex rvs engine and I’m not positive where each fuel line is supposed to run. I’ve posted some pictures below. Thanks for the help!

Fuel goes
-From the sinker to the top of the tank fitting using a line
-From the top of the tank fitting to the input (arrow mark away from fitting) on the fuel pump using a line
-From the fuel pump to the fuel filter using a line
-From the fuel filter to one side of the carb fitting using a line going over the top of the engine to make sure you have adequate pressure head
-From the other side of the carb fitting back to the overflow fitting on the fuel tank

One vacuum line goes from the vacuum fitting on the engine to the vacuum pulse fitting on the fuel pump

Bleed the fuel system by plugging the overflow fitting and blowing into the overflow line until you feel fuel.

Use 93 octane gasoline and 6 ounces per gallon of Elf HTX 909 or Motul 800 oil, jet nice and rich, don’t back off the throttle until you’re already onto the brakes.

Thanks a bunch! Just to confirm, I’ve got the fuel coming in from the pump on the left and return coming out in the right in the pic below. Is this correct?

I’m in California so no 93 octane here. I mixed up some 100 octane LL aviation fuel with castor 927 with ratio recommended by vortex

Here’s the tuning guide.

You have a 1 in 2 chance of being right. You can check it by putting a little cup under the carburetor and opening the nut on the bottom briefly; if fuel seeps out you’ve connected it to the right port.

100LL is an easy fuel to tune with, and it’s 107 AKI so you’re unlikely to have detonation issues, but I would move away from leaded gasoline when you’ve used it up. 91 AKI (95 RON) isn’t suitable for that engine. I’d recommend finding a vendor of 95+ AKI unleaded racing fuel and choosing one brand and type of fuel to use consistently. It’ll be more expensive than $5/gallon avgas but you’ll only burn 2-3 gallons per day.

I’m really liking those odds right there. Charles you’ve been a tremendous help. I’ll take all that into consideration. Thanks again