Where is the reed in a tecumseh 5 hp engine

I need help finding the reed before i tear things down

A Tecumseh 5 HP engine is a 4 cycle unit and doesn’t have a reed.

What engine model number is it? Some of the old school two stroke engine from the 70ish era were made in Grafton Wisconsin and were made by Tecumseh Power Products if I recall correctly. I’d be a little surprised if you had one of those. But if you do the reed block is just after the carb.

@Rapid1 Greg is correct in that most of the Tecumseh motorsport (and Fun kart) engine are 4cycles. Mainly overhead valve 5HP or a H50 L-head.

You are both so right! I’m new to this and trying to start it. Runs just a bit then dies. I read a similar issue and saw reed was the problem. Now I hear carb is likely it. Has that been your experience? Thank you!

Too many variables to answer that with just saying it’s the carb.

How old is the fuel?
What’s the condition of the fuel lines?
What’s the condition of the air filter?
Are you running an air filter?
Put a new plug in it…
What’s the compression?