Where to buy Jecko Closer edge seat?

Can anyone advise on what shops might have Jecko Closer Edge seats in stock? Im from Canada and can’t find them here. Are there any retailers in the US that sell them? Thanks

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Call George at Apex Kart Sports (978) 479-7974

Kart Sport North America (North Carolina) is the US importer for Jecko.

Jay Howard driver development is actually the official jecko usa retailer but you can get them from kartsport usa as well

Where can I contact Jay Howard?

Search jecko USA on fb…they control that page…or search MDD motorsport driver development, they run that team as well

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At a glance it’s not very clear that Jay’s company imports them, but here’s the contact page:


Yea that is true James, i only know because I’d been after a jecko out of the states and was back and forth with them. I ended up purchasing from kartsport though as Jay didn’t have my size in stock.