Where to buy MS98L near south GA?

Where can I buy VP Racing MS98L near South GA/north FL? I tried emailing the VP regional office, but they didn’t respond. I also tried contacting WW motocross ranch on Instagram, and they didn’t respond either (phone number on Google doesn’t work). I stupidly forgot to buy more last time I was at Orlando Kart Center.

Shipping cost from VP is $82 for 5 gallons.

Update: no luck. VP Southeast office responded to my email and they have a distributor about an hour and a half away from my house, but that distributor doesn’t have an MS98L in stock. No response from WW Ranch.

Can you run a different fuel? Or is that spec fuel for your series? And if so, where is everyone else buying their fuel?

MS98L is all I’ve ever used because it used to be spec for Orlando Cup.

North Florida Karting Club’s website links to the CKNA rulebook, which doesn’t specify a fuel. Orlando Cup uses SKUSA rules, and their fuel changed to Sunoco 112 in May, so maybe I’ll try to use that from now on.

I don’t know what other guys are running. I’ll ask tomorrow.

No reason for me to keep using MS98L now that Orlando Cup isn’t running it anymore.

update: I asked around at the track today (103rd Street). Some guys are using VP 110 and others are using Sunoco 112 (Supreme?). The Sunoco guys are buying pails from a place called Advanced Trailers on Phillips Highway near downtown Jax. It’s on the Sunoco race fuels finder website. This trailer dealer is closed on Sundays, so I wasn’t able to buy any fuel today. I’ll try to get some on a Saturday.

As for fuel:oil rato, a guy at the track told me he runs 16:1, but this seems a bit conservative. I run 20:1 with my VP with no issues. SKUSA rulebook says 18.934:1 for the Sunoco 112 (“1L Oil to 5G Fuel (6.76oz per gallon)”), so I’ll try that.