Which bodywork to buy? OTK chassis

I have the good fortune of needing to replace my son’s cadet FA kart front bodywork, the driver fairing panel and the front bumper plastic. As a noob, I’m not sure what I need to buy. Here’s what I could find online:

OTK M5 panels: $60 for the bumper, $23 for the fairing, only comes in white.

OTK M8 panels: $90 for the bumper, $174 for the “sausage style” fairing. Seems expensive.

KG MK14 panels: $67 for the bumper, $35 for the fairing.

KG MK20 panels: $90 for the nose, $48 for the firing. A newer design, smaller price premium than OTK.

I don’t intend to buy a whole new set of stickers, so left plain arguably black is better than white. Are all the bodywork brands mix-and-match, or do I need to stick to OTK for easy install? Basically, what should I buy?

I guess the final option is to salvage the existing bodywork. Here’s the damage: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8Nx2GJj54oh7Vqdj9. Maybe it could be repaired with some plasticweld or similar.

Everything can mix together as you want them to. I’d just go for whatever is cheapest, so the OTK M5 bodywork in this scenario.

Agree with Aaron. It doesn’t really matter either way. Whatever is cheapest. Bodywork is kind of disposable, especially in younger classes, and the M8 fairing is totally unnecessary in my opinion.

If you think you will add a new sticker kit later on, it would make sense to stick with the same model of body work (which ever you choose) so the stickers will line up properly with brand/model specific shapes.

I ended up buying the M8 bumper and M5 fairing, because the M8 fairing is ridiculously expensive (as per above, $174 vs $23). The sticker kit look like another $200 so I think I will just live with it, and worst case, I throw out the mismatched fairing and I’m only out the $23. Thanks everyone for the help!