Which is lighter? Arai sk7 Bell rs7 Bell and Bell KC7 CMR

My head size is 56-57. I am not a child !

CMR helmets are designed for young drivers so are lighter. Not sure it would be comfortable for you though at your head size, or even if it’s offered in that size.

The RS7 is lighter than the SK-6 but the SK-6 is built nicer.

CMR helmets have a maximum weight of 1200g by regulation. The full size alternatives wil be more like 1600g. The carbon versions are about 100g lighter again.

I wear a KC7 CMR in size 59 as an adult and it fits me acceptably. I wanted the lighter helmet for endurance racing where stints are typically approaching an hour. In practice the difference between 1200g and 1600g only represents a 6% increse in helmet + head mass.

Its definitly a different shape to a SK6 in the same size, and the carbon verson is not quite the same fit as convention glass ether.

Strongly recommend test fitting all options being considered and choose fit over weight.

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Mark, do you notice a difference with the lighter helmet?

I have been using lots of gear on my helmet (cameras + batteries). I was expecting to feel the added weight over the course of the enduros but I did not notice anything different with heavy battery on helmet versus not.

Not particulaly, Dom.

I had a bike helmet prior that was closer to 2kg when I started out at this, and while it was certainly noticible in wearing helmets back to back, I never really noticed the old helmet weight being a problem.

I’ve really only had 1 race where my head felt like it wanted to fall off, and that was at the end of 2x 6hr races over 2 days with just me and my son, and that was more down to a combination of the track layout with a particular quickish tight double apex corner that felt like it went on forever by Sunday afternoon, and a new kart that was setup with the seat laid furher back than I was accustomed to.

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