Which is the Idle Emulsion Dellorto VHSH 30 ( Jetting App )

Hey Guys,

I’m using a jetting app and I need to buy a couple of Idle Emulsion Tubes.

Each country has seems to have there own terminolgy, I was on Mondokart looking to buy the various sizes, they have an idle emulsion tube listed. But they also have high and low idle jets.

I have attached a screenshot of the jetting app, which jet does the jet app refer to? The idle jets have esstientily the same size code e.g 50,51,52,53 etc.

The app also lists just an idle jet, but which idle jet is it?

Idle Emulsion tubes, which I think the app referes too:

Idle emulsion tube is the idle imulsifier that the application give you . You are correct .

Now in the vhsh 30 i can see in my carbs that it has 2 idle jets . One on the top and enother one under the first idle jet inside the same hole in the carb .

If you ceck here , james has find a very useful guide for that carb on an engine rok application that can help you a bit more