Whiteland First Race May 13, Kart Stand Missing

At my first ever race this weekend, at Whiteland, my kart stand came up missing. I hope it was an honest mistake (another stand was left behind at the end of the day). Streeter Big Foot with a tray, and under the tray (on the front “axle”) my name Kramer is written with a white paint pen.

I hope it was an honest mistake, and will be returned next race. Kinda left a bad taste in my mouth for my first race. My eleven year old son and I both share one stand.

Oof that stinks. We hope you get it back and that whoever is being a jerk in your series gets shown the exit

Dom, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. 99% chance someone grabbed the wrong one as they all look alike.

OP, Call the track and let Vince know what happened. There’s a billion streeters that all look the same. Good chance someone may have already realized it and called in as well.

Also, get some bright tape to put all over it. put your name and phone number on the tray as well. If it ever happens again, someone will call and let you know what a dummy they are for accidentally taking it. Saved me a few times at different tracks.

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Off the topic, this is one of reason I decide to paint my tray, so I can spot my stand in distance.


Thanks for the advice. I spoke with Vince (I think it was him) at the front counter. I also spoke with the guys in the tower as soon as we noticed it was missing. They said they’d do an announcement. I never heard the announcement.

I’m definitely gonna paint whatever stand I get next time. And get a bike chain, I guess.

Those ferocious guard dogs will help keep any ruffians at bay.

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Try giving them a call and see if it turned up or was turned in.