Who names their tools?

Saw this question in a woodworking group today and thought it would be fun. Here’s mine. I guess the first to are not PC since I started using them in tbe 90’s :laughing:

Fat graham: Short stubby screwdriver.

Skinny Rachel: Opposite of fat graham.

Percy Sledge: sledge hammer.

The equalizer or the convincer: Any big ass bar extension for leverage.

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A more fun game we used to play when i worked as a bike mechanic, was to look at the wall of tools with your coworkers and come up with applications for the tools as sex toys. I gave up when it was my turn to figure out the steerer tube threading die.

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My Cake Mixer’s?

In all Honesty, I love everything Hobart, from welders to meat slicers, everything they build is superior quality and built to last. I’m admittedly a Hobart fanboy!

2 things
1 - Never name a 10mm it’ll be missing before a bond can form
2 - We don’t name many tools, but we did name one of our best engines Roxanne…it got passed around a lot

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There’s one tool with a name in my garage. But he pays half the rent, so I dont say anything.

Roooxanne; you don’t have to run at the red line… :joy:

Got a few. WTF, Where, Thehell, DidI, Putit and SOB are my best tools. :man_facepalming::rofl:

We named " the brick " our vortex rok engine from the shape of the cylinder

I have several tools that I have names for. They’re four letters long and can’t be used in this forum. :laughing:

Hmm that’s not a tool but can be used as something else (dont ban me)

My favorite is when I have to break out the BFH. :rofl:

(aka the Big F**kin’ Hammer). Things have not gone well when that comes out.