Who or What determines your number?

Just wondering…who or what determines your kart number?

You pick a number. If nobody else in your series is already registered with that number it’s yours.

I use my age for my kart number.

Seriously, some orgs use 3 digit numbers and the leading number designates the class and the driver/owner can pick the last two digits. Most clubs the number is open for each class but usually reserved at the beginning of the season.

It varies somewhat depending on who is organizing the race you are running.

Daughters birthday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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369 fav number is 3 and 69 year of birth

256 for Nick because that’s 2 to the 8th which is the number of numbers you can represent with a byte

I chose mine based on a few factors. At the time, TaG was in the 400’s in skusa events, also because of my size the kart and I weigh around 400 lbs. Lastly I am 6’9", so I came up with 469. Plus sounds better than, 468 and I owe you one. :rofl:

  1. Lucky number, many lucky stories with it as well. Born on the 13th as well. The superstition from others makes it fun as well

Wow I wrote this in the middle of the night after a 13 hour work day and thought nothing of it…

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My son wanted #12 when he started cadet, since he’s a Will Power fan, unfortunately 12 was taken by a returning cadet kid, so we settled for #6 like Robert Wickens who was an alumni of our kart club. He’s now on his 3rd season with 6 and wants to keep it.

Number 1 of course…:grin::wink:

#14 here, as it is 2 times 7, so 2 times the luck :slight_smile:

I picked 68 randomly. Now on the rare occasion @Mynameismcgyver and I race against each other we have to argue over who gets to run it.

I think we’ve both taken 69 as our alternate numbers before.

I ran 406 for a while in SKUSA and CKI/WSK North America.

Mine was my old military unit (129)
Daughter 's cadet kart number was because she was born on Valentines Day (214)

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In cadet, my daughter chose 13 for the same reason. When we moved up to Juniors, and now seniors, the first number is decided by the class, and she switched the 13 for 31. She says it’s still 13 though.


32 - Ray Harroun’s number.

There’s only one choice when your class mandates that you run numbers in the 600’s :smiling_imp:

Let me guess…


You hit the nail on the head :laughing:

My son’s name is Emerson, so I thought I was being clever with Emer50n

He’s #50

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