Who’s going SKUSA Winter Tour?

I’m planning on making the trip down to Homestead from Charlotte. Trying to either get a group together or find a place to store my karts for both events. I might just rent an RV to hangout at the track during the race weekend. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks.


That sounds like a good time. Everyone into the Winnebago!


Can confirm that RV at the track is the best way to maximize your fun at most karting events.


That’s the plan! Turn some laps, cook some burgers, eat, sleep. Repeat! The more the merrier!

Goal is to hit quite a few national events this year, so I’d like to form up a group to help split the costs of traveling to the big events.


Life could be very nice with piles of cash.

I’ve considered it for KA… First round is awful close to CKNA Winter Nats, tho. Maybe round 2…

If you take an RV to the track, can you avoid running the generator all night? That way those of us who are in tents don’t have to set them up on the track to get away from the noise.

when we take our rv we normally turn it off overnight.

At amp one of the teams had a very cool solar system + big power cell. Basically replaced their genny.