Who, What, and what not of finding a coach?

I was going to post this as a replay to @tjkoyen’s tent program question but thought this would make a better topic.

I have looked for some advanced/race day coaching for my son but don’t really know how to find the right person. I am not really interested in a tent program, that is more then we need but having someone who knows more than I do would help.

What can I expect for race day vs practice day coaching?
What would the price range be?
How do I find/interview a coach?
What else do I need to know about driver coaching?

I offer coaching/tuning services for basically any level. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected]) or private message me here.

To answer your questions based on how I do it:

  1. Race day coaching/tuning for me is usually a little more specific as you have a set schedule, laps, etc., so you’re able to learn a little bit more on the flow of a race day. For example, I can say “we usually put camber in at this point in the day because…” or “since the track is cold in the morning for practice we will make these changes…” On a practice day, I try to focus more on the consistent issues the driver is having and focus more on pounding laps and breaking bad habits.

  2. Depends on the coach/tuner and what the job entails. I do everything from day coaching on an open practice day to full-service mechanic and tuner on a race weekend.

  3. Local teams or shops usually have a few guys on-hand that they would recommend.

  4. It’s some of the best money you can spend in karting. My first coaching day back when I was 13 was the best $75 I ever spent on the sport. I learned more in 4 hours than I had in the previous 2 years of racing. The sport has so many variables, you often don’t even know what you don’t know.


TJ, I am in Auburn, Wa, 98092, 30 miles south of Seattle, WA., where are you from and I take it your fee is $75.00 but I do not how it is broken down. Thanks​:cowboy_hat_face:Scout​:checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash::spades:

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I have been doing video training with TJ and another (name withheld as I’m not sure they do coaching usually).
I have found it incredibly helpful. Basically we deconstruct the race I record on my gopro. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say I did far better this season than o expected because of other people’s eyes, brains and experience.

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I feel like I’ve said this on multiple threads @Scout, but Huggler Racing offers this, and is basically right around the corner from you in Spanaway. TJ is in the Midwest of the US.

You could also reach out to Italian Motors in Sumas WA, and also Chris Black of Black Racing Engines, but he’s in Oregon.

75 is for the video review session, so if you have on-board video for me to analyze like I did with Dom, you can send that in and I charge by the video for that.

Other coaching fees are on my website as well, but like I said, sort of depends on the job scope. As Davin said, I’m located in Wisconsin. Finding someone local for some local practice day coaching would be a good start, so Davin’s suggestions would be where I would start if I were you.

I would not be so quick to dismiss a good tent program. I think it has been critical to my son’s success. In a tent program they can get 5 or 6 times the amount of coaching they might get otherwise. Why? Because they get their own personal coaching from their last session, then they can watch the next kid, then the next kid etc. So they can learn not to make mistakes they haven’t even made yet. The data is so valuable too. Your kids data can be overlayed with the fastest kid in the tent. This can show obvious places to work on.

I think 1 on 1 coaching is great for practice days when you can get your kid on the track with a coach in a kart setting up situations and then review what happened between each session.


Orrrr there are other options such as what you use :slight_smile: