Widen/narrowing front/rear

allow me to demonstrate my newness to the sport

So I hear (read) people talk a lot about how they widen or narrow the front/rear to change handeling characteristics of the kart, but how is this physically done? Do people use different width wheels, are there spacers, different spindles, magic and wishing? I have a used coyote wide track frame, I am going to set it up as neutral as possible for the first few times on the track to bring my driving skills up before experimenting with setups, but I am just curious and would like to be armed with the knowledge for when I do. Thanks for any insight!

The adjustment for the front is made by moving spacers to or from the outside of the spindle to the inside of the spindle. This accomplished by removing the retaining clip or cotter pin, removing the nut on the front spindle and then the wheel or hub. Along with the wheel or hub, the spacers on the out side of the spindle will come off. Choose the amount of spacing, mount the wheel or hub and place the unused spacers out the outside of the spindle.
For the rear, remove the tire and loosing the clamping bolt in the hub and move the hub. Many chassis manufactures have a base line for front and rear width.

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Hey thanks! I’ll have to hunt around and see if I can find what coyote recommends then to start

Post up the model of you Coyote and the type of racing you’re going to be doing, (oval, sprint, endure) and maybe someone will have a base line for you if you can’t find one on line. Or better yet, call Coyote.

Coyote wide track GL, Briggs animal, 325lb class, sprint asphalt track GVKC Avon, NY is where I will be racing 90% of the time. I will take any suggestions, and probably call coyote too